Picture Postcard Workflow

The "Picture Postcard Workflow" (often referred to as PPW) is a color correction method devised by Dan Margulis.

Simply said, PPW is an effective way to enhance a photo's color and contrast. Its steps aim to correct color cast, improve contrast, enhance shadow and/or highlight detail, increase color and color variation, and sharpen.

For those who want to learn it, there is:

As you may understand, I am enthousiastic about everything related to this Picture Postcard Workflow. It helped me tremendously to become a better retoucher. And furthermore, I spent a lot of time studying, exercising and acquiring the various techniques.

Between October and December 2018 I wrote a series of articles in which I introduce a new color correction workflow that I named "PPW Straight." One could say a simplified PPW, avoiding its complex steps and as a result easier to learn, without compromizing much on quality. I see this as the completion of my writings about the PPW.

Click here to see the results of applying the PPW and related techniques to my own photos.

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