Who Am I?

I am Gerald Bakker, Dutch amateur photographer and retoucher. Welcome to my website!


As a photographer, my preference is landscape photography. But I do other genres as well. See my portfolio for some of my better pictures. See my flickr page for a lot more portfolio.


As a retoucher, I mainly do color correction, contrast enhancement etc. Most of the retouching techniques I use are based on Dan Margulis' work. See my retouching portfolio for examples.


What is this website about?


Articles on this website can be divided in two groups.

  • First, there is a series called "Photoshop by the Numbers". Easily accessible, simple to understand stuff about digital imaging - anything from color coding to image resolution.




Last but not least, I love to hear from you! Do you like my site, is there anything you want to comment on or ask about, or do you just want to subscribe - please let me know, by entering below contact form. Thanks!


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