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Gerald Bakker

Thoughts on Digital Imaging & Retouching

I am Gerald Bakker, Dutch amateur photographer and retoucher. Welcome to my website!

As a photographer, my preference is architecture photography. But I do other genres as well. See my portfolio for some of my better pictures. See my flickr page for a lot more portfolio.

As a retoucher, I love to study Photoshop techniques and search better ways to enhance images. Most of my retouching techniques are based on Dan Margulis' work. The many articles here and here provide an extensive elaboration.

You can read a more complete bio here.

What do I write about?

Material on this website comes in four groups.

First, there is a series of articles called "Photoshop by the Numbers". Basic, easily accessible stuff about digital imaging - anything from color coding to image resolution.

Second, there is a series called "Picture Postcard Workflow". I made extensive study of this workflow, and the results can be found here. Again, inspired by Dan Margulis. More difficult stuff.

Third, I offer a bunch of downloadable actions, plus written out tutorials. Everything freely downloadable.

Fourth, let's not forget that I love to take photographs. Here is my portfolio.

Divided over five series.

All material can best be accessed by clicking on one of the menu items on the top of each page.

History and Contact

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